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Eu astazi plec (negativ)
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21-Mai-2013, 10:12:18
Eu astazi plec
Categorie: Negative mp3 | Adăugat de: andrian33 | Tag-uri: Eu astazi plec negativ
Vizualizări: 1105 | Descărcări: 358 | Comentarii: 2 | Rating: 3.0/2
Total comentarii : 2
So, remember that hug Alaric gave Elena a few edsoipes ago that bordered on sexual weirdness? Is this going to be some thing where she falls for Alaric now because he's a different Alaric? The dark Alaric that only Meredith knows. This one vampire she hasn't gotten to know. She was so close to his good side, but she wants to know his vampiric/dark side now. Or is my mind just crazy because this show goes to crazy places?Elena with 3 lovers that she can't even choose one from. What a horrible task she faces. lolLOVE THIS SHOW!!!!


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